how to choose an autoresponder

Any marketer worth his/her salt knows that an autoresponder
is a must-have tool. This is non-negotiable. You could get by without
social sharing tools or fancy software – but an autoresponder is CRUCIAL to developing
a relationship with your audience, and ultimately, getting sales.

So it goes without saying that sooner or later you’ll need to get a
reputable autoresponder that delivers on its promises. In this article, we’ll
look at 8 factors that you should be aware of before signing up with any
autoresponder company.


Does the company have a proven
track record?

The best autoresponder companies have been around for years and even
decades. Avoid choosing self-hosted autoresponders that require you to do all
the work.

While you might save money, you’re better off with a major email marketing tool that manages
relationships with the popular email service providers.

Look around and see which autoresponders your favorite marketers are
using. Sign up for a free trial and play around with the software to get a feel
for it. You’ll then get the hang of the interface and figure out the different
features which will help with your email marketing.


Does the autoresponder company
allow affiliate marketing?

Some autoresponder companies have an explicit rule which states that
affiliate marketing is NOT allowed on their platform. So you’ll want to check
before signing up for one – if you’re an affiliate marketer who uses direct affiliate
links in your emails.

Alternatively, you can create a bridge page
and point your subscribers to it in your emails. But that’s an added hassle. So
decide wisely before signing up.



This is probably one of the most important factors when using an
autoresponder. Some companies have a better deliverability rate than others.
That’s just the way it is.

You’ll want to join a few Facebook groups where online marketers hang
out and ask people their opinions on the different email
marketing software
. You’ll find that some autoresponders are recommended
for their excellent deliverability rate. These are the ones you should



Basic autoresponders have very limited automation capabilities. The good
ones will allow you to move subscribers across lists automatically. Segmenting
your list will be a breeze.

Some even have tagging features so that if a subscriber clicks on a
link, they get tagged and you can email only those who were tagged because they
showed interest in what you were promoting. This allows for very targeted promotions
and will help to boost your conversions.


Ease of use

Most of the best autoresponders are
relatively easy to use and their interfaces are almost intuitive. Very often,
they’ll have tutorial videos and if you still have problems, you can always contact
their help desk. So make sure the autoresponder you’re signing up with has good



The autoresponder you choose should integrate with major payment
processors and also platforms like Woocommerce, Shopify,
etc. You’ll want your customers to be automatically added on to your list.

If your autoresponder doesn’t integrate with the most commonly used
platforms, it’ll seriously impede your progress because you don’t have much
flexibility. So choose a versatile autoresponder that integrates well.


Can you scale up?

As your business grows, the size of your list will grow. The reputable
autoresponder companies will be able to handle your growth. You’ll pay more for
a bigger list, but will not face any limitation when it comes to emailing them.

Less capable autoresponders may only be able to handle a certain number
of subscribers before they’ve reached their limit. Check the pricing table of the
autoresponder company and you’ll see how many subscribers are allowed and the
tiered pricing.



Last but not least, pricing is an issue to consider. Generally, you can
expect to pay about $20 a month for a good autoresponder if you have a list of
about a 1000 people. If you market well to them, you’ll earn enough to cover
the cost of your autoresponder.

When you’re on a tight budget, paying monthly will make you feel the
pinch. Nevertheless, this is a tool you can’t do without. So bite the bullet
and pay for it… and once you have a sizeable list, the autoresponder will pay
for itself – if your email marketing is on point.

Take note of these 8 pointers and make sure the autoresponder you choose
meets these requirements. There are many reputable
autoresponder companies
out there that are highly affordable. Choose one
and make it work for your business.